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1. Domestic Violence Against His Mother

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After enduring a period of emotional abuse, Kenner's mother fled to Florida to escape her son, Charlie. 

"I am afraid Charles will come to my house and harm me. Because of this, I can't sleep. I keep getting up to check all the doors, and be sure all the outside lights are on at night. I am in fear of my personal safety and well-being."


Source: Filing by Daisy Kenner



Charlie Kenner recently announced he had formed an "Elderly Abuse Task Force,"  even mentioning “This kind of hit home. We had this happen in my family to my mom,” Kenner said.


Was this a publicity stunt to mislead voters? Was he covering up for something evil in his past?

Read the documents filed by Daisy Kenner, the Boone County Commissioners mother, citing domestic violence from her son.

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