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Diocese of Covington: Let Them Breathe

In the Spring of 2021, a whole year after the inital confusion caused by a virus with over a 99% survival rate, WTPKY was beyond done with masking children. One of our weekly Thursday Night meetings was set aside for Diocese of Covington families to brainstorm ideas that could help eliminate the illogical policies disrupting the education of our kids.

It was clear at that first meeting that numerous families had been reaching out to church and school leadership, sharing research, and requesting the masks be optional. All were met with the same lack of desirable results.

Because of our weekly Calls to Actions, multiple rallies, meetings, there now exists a community of Diocesan parents who are going that one extra step to apply pressure.

This is an ongoing issue, and we welcome new families to email us to get involved.


- Several peaceful rallies and prayer circles, outside of the Diocese of Covington's Curia Building.

- Hundreds of emails, postcards, and calls were made to the Diocese of Covington leaders.

- Assisted Diocesan families in Lexington, Louisville, and Owensboro

- Families delivered close to 3000 signatures to the Diocese of Covington, requesting:

1. An OPTIONAL face covering policy
2. The removal of mandatory NTI
3. A written policy stating that these requests (1, 2) persist in lieu of future health crises

We received NO response to our petition. (***Update: At a Fall 2021 event, Bishop Iffert and Communications Director, Laura Keener, indicated that they were not interested or concerned about any petitions signed by families).

The updated, unsatisfactory policies released in late summer/ early fall of 2021, prompted WTPKY's Parents In Charge (PIC) initiative, which also supported public school families.

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