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Healthcare Workers and Parents in Charge

The mandate madness of August and September 2021, prompted the WTPKY leadership to ramp up the recruitment and organization of parents battling masks in school, and healthcare workers facing a forced experimental injection. We created two initiatives to further WTPKY's Mission:
1.) Parents In Charge (PIC) and 2.) Healthcare Workers In Charge (HWIC).

Through our weekly WTPKY Thursday night meetings, and Saturday Morning Emergency meetings, we organized HWIC and PIC volunteers by assigning each medical facility and school, with a Captain. These captains were the point of contact for their respective facility/school/district, for other volunteers to reach out and work with.

- Provided a private, on-line communication platform on WTPKY's website for HWIC & PIC Captains to communicate and organize

- Sponsored, organized, and promoted weekly (sometimes twice a week), in-person meetings and workshops for healthcare workers, parents, and community members to organize and mobilize against the hospital vax and school mask mandates

- Mentored and partnered with HWIC Captains to form a separate activist group, dedicated to helping healthcare workers at risk of losing their jobs for resisting the employee vax mandate

- Promoted and attended multiple rallies, and a prayer service, with the newly formed HWIC activist group

- WTPKY hosted a Foundation of Applied Conservative Leadership (F.A.C.L) political leadership course, and sponsored several HWIC Captains to attend for free. A few months later, one of those healthcare workers filed as a Republican candidate for a 2022 House Representative seat in Campbell County, Mirna Eads, R.N.! We are very proud of her hard work and dedication.

- Mentored dozens of parents, and provided resources to help them build an impactful relationship with school administrators and other parents

- Assisted parents in building a campaign to petition the removal of COVID policies from Diocesan schools

- Organized, sponsored, and attended several rallies & prayer events to end the mask mandates/policies in schools

- Sponsored and organized a Public WTPKY calendar, that conveniently listed ALL school board meetings, and most protests and prayer events in Campbell, Kenton, Boone, and Grant counties

- We continue to help parents and healthcare workers who contact us, by connecting them with our network .

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