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Republican Party Patriot Takeovers

In June 2021, WTPKY led and organized thousands of republican voters in Kenton, Boone, and Campbell counties, to participate in the Party Reorganization meetings, which take place every 4 years. The goal was to dissolve the Executive Committees , so that ALL Republican voters had the opportunity to represent their Party. The photo above was taken from the CCRP's webpage, to show the impact dissolving the Exectutive Committee structure has on the party's representation.

- Read and watch how Kenton County elected officials disenfranchised hundreds of voters at precinct elections on 6/3/21.

- The current officers and executive committee of the Kenton County Republican Party were not voted on honestly or fairly, with some even admitting they were disappointed in the scandal that took place.

- A week after Kenton's fraudulent election, we were successful in getting new officers in the Boone and Campbell Co. Republican Parties, and maintaining the voting rights of Precinct Captains within the County Committee.

- WTPKY provided an Election Integrity Patrol at Boone and Campbell County Reorganization meetings, to make sure things went smoother for our compatriots than they did in Kenton.

- Jon Park, 4th District Chairman, Republican Party of Kentucky (RPK) was not helpful.

- RPK is swamp.

- RINOs stick together

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