Which of the 3 candidates in this race will be diligent, visible, and vocal for medical freedom and election integrity if they get to Frankfort?


Learn more at: www.wethepeoplekentucky.com/house68swamp  

Mirna Eads was working for you long before she chose to run for office and needed votes! She has been VISIBLE and VOCAL for years, at school board meetings, and medical freedom rallies.  

Mirna got involved with WTPKY when the hospital mandates began destroying our community.  She was our partner and leader for the HWIC Initiative (Healthcare Workers in Charge,) and formed her own team to help the community.  


Mirna Eads is dedicated, diligent, transparent, and has proven to be a relentless fighter on all the priority issues. 


One of Mirna's opponents, used to be the Superintendent of the Diocese.  He has ignored our invitation to communicate his stance on the issues important to defending and preserving liberty. He has never helped WTPKY or the parents that led an organized effort  to unmask our children in Diocesan schools.

Her other opponent, left 18 of the candidate survey questions blank, even after we called to give him an extension.

Ask Mirna's opponents why they have not been Visible and Vocal over the last 2 years.  Ask Mirna's opponents why they have not particpated in the efforts to promote Election Integrity, as Mirna Eads has.