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1. Model School Board Policies

2. Kentucky Department of Education: Guidance on student sexuality disclosure

3. Did you know... The School Board hires and fires the Superintendent?

4. Fun Facts: Issues in NKY School Districts

Anti-Parent Guidance in Kentucky Schools

The Kentucky Department of Education

Private discussions of sexuality between adult staff & minor students are appropriate, and encouraged to keep from parents due to safety reasons....

"The involuntary disclosure of a student’s sexual orientation or gender identity, commonly referred to as “outing”, is an extremely dangerous practice. School leaders must balance their responsibility to protect the health and safety of a student with their responsibility to keep parents informed of important educational issues. If a student voluntarily discloses their sexual orientation or gender identity to an educator with the assumption that this information is to be kept private, it is best practice for the educator to maintain that confidence and keep this information confidential."

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Nonpartisan School Boards & Hot Button Issues Matter: A Summary of Senate Bill 1

Do you know who your local school board candidates are? Do you know what their priorities are in the education of your community’s children? Perhaps you have never really paid attention to local school board races, maybe never being personally acquainted with anyone who was running, you never had the time or inclination to investigate those willing to serve on your local school board...(read more)

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Did You Know???

Fun Facts about Northern Kentucky Public Schools

• According to a survey that Boone County Public Schools pay $8,000 per year for, less than 6% of students say they don’t have a family member or adult outside of school that they can talk to.


Source: Panorama Survey. Spring 2022

• If a minor goes to an adult staff member, and expresses that they are struggling with sexuality, the adult does not need to inform the minor's guardian.



*Kentucky Department of Education: Considerations on using preferred names

*Kentucky Department of Education encourages Boards to use a Student Gender Support Plan




*A Boone County School Principal stated that this even includes 2nd graders questioning their own gender identity.

• Due to an “uptick” of 20 phone calls in 3 years, last year, Boone County Public School District signed a $10,000 contract with an activist group promoting transgenderism to youth.

Source: Kathy Reutman, Exectutive Director of Student Services. Boone County Schools. July 1, 2022.

• Boone County School Board approved bringing in a transgender individual to educate school counselors on how to help students that may struggle with identity.

  • Are school disricts offering training by other experts on this issue?

• In 2022, activist teachers were including their “pronouns,” in emails to parents and colleagues, while promoting this website:

• In the last 5 years, there have not been any professional training days for counselors regarding students in a foster system.


• In the last 5 years there have not been any school counselor training for nonwhite children who live in a predominantly white community.

  • They have no counselor to go to because there are none that have been trained in these areas.

  • The counselors are only trained on one side of the Identity Struggle issue. Is that training, or is that grooming children to follow an agenda being pushed by the school district?


Source: School Counselor Trainings

• April 13, 2022: Beechwood Independent School District peer-pressured all students in grades 7-12 to participate in a GLSEN guided Day of Silence for the LGBTQ community, without notifying parents beforehand.

  • Are there memorial days for other cultural/social groups?

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