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Diocese Update + Election Fraud ACTION ALERT


On July 27, the Diocese of Covington announced their reopening plans for 2021-2022. The individuals who are responsible for making all of the COVID TASK FORCE decisions for our families, mostly still remain a mystery. The Diocese will continue following guidance from the Northern Kentucky Health Department (NKHD), whose Board consists of at least one person most mothers wouldn't trust with their family's health, Scott Kimmich. Read about Kimmich's sexist behavior and corruption here: https://www.fox19.com/story/34074963/man-at-center-of-blonde-24-big-tt-video-hired-by-ky-house-speaker/ Below is just one of the many, deeply concerning quotes from the Diocese's Return to School update:

"Masks may be used as a method of prevention depending on government mandates and/or high case activity in the school."

READ the Diocese update in its entirety here.

Below is some of what our group has done to fight for our children's freedom:

  • On May 3rd, many grandparents, parents, and children participated in a Peaceable Assembly, outside of the Diocese of Covington's Curia Building.

  • On May 16th, after the Diocese announced that only the unvaccinated were required to wear a mask, we stood together with our unmasked children, at a Mass said by Bishop Foys.

  • On May 27, 2021, a group of parents and neighbors delivered close to 1500 signatures to the Diocese of Covington, requesting:

  • 1. An OPTIONAL face covering policy 2. The removal of mandatory NTI 3. A written policy stating that these requests (1, 2) persist in lieu of future health crises

  • During the entire month prior to the delivery, hundreds of emails, postcards, and calls were made to the Diocese of Covington leaders.

We received NO response. Read More about the swampy Northern Kentucky Health Department (NKHD), and our local politicians on our blog. https://www.wethepeoplekentucky.com/post/it-never-ends

National Election Fraud Expert: Kenton County is the largest source of fraud, next to Jefferson Co.


What can we do about it?

Well for starters, we can all send an email to our awe-inspiring, elected officials in Kenton County!

For your convenience, you may copy and paste these 3 questions in an email, and send to the elected officials listed below- email addresses provided!

1. Will you begin the fight, immediately, to authorize and support a full forensic audit of the 2019 & 2020 Elections?

2. Will you begin the fight, immediately, to use paper and pen ballots? Original paper and pen ballots must be counted by the people, NOT machines, at the precinct level, for ALL elections.


3. Are you willing to attend the Election Integrity Tour? As your constituent, I respectfully insist that you register for tickets and attend a session, immediately. https://restore.vote/

Kenton County Clerk, Gabe Summe

Kim Moser, State Rep.

Stacy Tapke, Kenton County Attorney

Chris McDaniel, State Senate

Adam Koenig, State Rep.

John Middleton, Circuit Court Clerk

Kris Knochleman, County Judge Executive

Kim Banta, State Rep.

Copy/Paste into your email:










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