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Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief

August 12, 2022

Once again, the generous and caring NKY community came together and contributed to an immediate need for emergency supplies for our neighbors who lost everything to the deadly floods in Southeastern Kentucky. You're donations made a great impact on the people in that area and helped us pack a U-Haul that overflowed upon opening the truck door at the donation site in Hazard, KY.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, especially those who came to both of our donation drop-off times to help pack the truck! We used the monetary donations to buy baby formula, diapers, and other mother-baby supplies.

When we arrived, one of the local volunteers told us they were struggling with looting and violence while distributing supplies to the mountain hollers. Local first responders, the National Guard, and church groups were there working round the clock to keep volunteers safe and things running smoothly.

The Tetris Crew

Hand-made sign by WTPKY Volunteer. Thank you, Mayor Markgraf for helping us to keep the overflow of donations safe.

Organizing donations

Donating clothing with the help of the National Guard

Destruction in Breathitt County on way to distribution location

Destruction in Breathitt County on way to distribution location

Buying baby formula and mother-baby supplies with monetary donations on the morning of voyage

Sort and Loading time

Unloading supplies at distribution center in Knott County


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