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It Never Ends: Northern Kentucky Health Department

This comes from a trusted and ardent supporter of WTPKY. If you have any additional information that would provide more insight into the continued corruption and swamp-tastic antics of our local officials, please contact WTPKY.

"Here is a tidbit to pass along to see if any other WTPKY member knows anything additional or can find out. The CDC is pushing to call for another mask tyranny. It will be enforced by local Health Depts. So I was looking around at the Northern Kentucky Health Department (NKHD) site, to see just who they answer to. There is a board which is appointed by various local political entities, one being the Kenton Judge Executive. Guess who Herr Knochelmann has appointed? That's right, the very picture of health himself: Scott Kimmich. I can't winkle out how much this fat leech is being paid for his essential service, but most surely the time in grade is used to pad out his KY retirement. And what exactly is this lardass's health acumen? The NKHD web site is long on self praising fluff but short on useful info. They have a so called annual report which is two pages of crap. No dollar amounts spent on salaries, vehicles, catering, travel ETC. More disturbing, they have a form to submit to get a copy of your health records. This would imply that the NKHD is a digital container for everyone's health records. By what authority? Further, are they transmitting these records to any federal agency - the CDC e.g. One can imagine a phone call to the CDC from Susan Rice or Nancy Pelosi: "Hey send me the records on the chicks who are causing trouble in NKY. Maybe we can find something embarrassing to shut them up". And by the way the NKHD is most proud of their fight against the opoid problem. They do this by sponsoring a mobile van which travels around NKY distributing free syringes. Per the subject line: It never ends."

Update: Kenton Co Judge Executive, Kris Knochelmann, didn't just appoint the despicable Scott Kimmich to the position, Knochelmann appointed Kimmich as HIS representative on the Board. The establishment never ceases to amaze.

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