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Liberty Legislation: Rep. Steve Rawlings

Image courtesy of Rawlings’s Facebook.

January 25, 2023

Representative Steve Rawlings (R- Burlington) has wasted no time in Frankfort being a voice for the People, and has filed four freedom-loving bills in the first week of session. Rawlings discusses his motivation and process for writing these in a recent interview, and suggests ways to help them pass.

Primary Sponsor:

HB 57: Medical Freedom, Bodily autonomy

HB 58: Protecting medical ethics within the medical profession

HB 72: Eliminates Kentucky inheritance tax (we are only 1 of 6 states that has this tax)- Co-sponsored by Rep. Marianne Proctor

HB 100: Kentucky Sovereignty Bill

How can you make your voice heard in Frankfort?.

Email your legislators and urge them to co-sponsor and support these bills. If they refuse, please send us their response.

Call 502-564-8100, ask for your legislator’s office, and give your message directly to your Representative’s or Senator’s assistant.

Other bills of interest Rawlings is co-sponsoring:

HB 30: Prohibits boys and girls from using opposite sex restrooms, shower rooms, etc.

HB 101: Prohibits schools from requiring COVID vaccines for students


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