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Motion for Findings on Integrity of the Ballots

August 18, 2022

Last Wednesday, WTPKY was the only media outlet in attendence to witness the hand counting procedures for May's Senate District 24 Primary Election. August 10th was the most critical event we have had the opportunity to witness, since the recount proceedings were initiated in May.

Why were the local "CNN" rags that have been pushing the same boring narrative on this issue, not in attendence? The Judge's orders allowed for one media outlet to stream live video from inside the counting room, for others to report information from. Still, no other news source was present.

Surely, this would have been a grand opportunity for political reporters that are held in high regards by their peers, or any reporter that has been studying the facts in this case.

One thing is certain, if there would have been live reporting coming from the labyrinth where the voting machines were moved to for this recount, there would have been little room to alter the reality of the situation and misinform the public.

Please attend the Hearing:

Friday, August 19th

11:00 a.m.

Campbell County Courthouse

330 York Street

Courtroom C-2

Newport, KY 41071

Request from Geraldine, a Precinct Captain in the Campbell County Republican Party:

"As many of you know, Jessica Neal who ran in the May Kentucky Republican Senate Primary, petitioned for a hand-recount of the ballots to confirm her supposed loss by 307 votes. Since then, she has been in court attempting to realize that goal.

After securing a bond of $57,368, (thanks to many of you), the ballot recount commenced last Wednesday, August 10th. Instead of taking 13 days as projected by the court, the recount was completed by end of business day. However, concerning irregularities occurred during the process which prompted Jessica to file a Motion to pursue an investigation into the integrity of the ballots.

Per Jessica’s Motion, Judge Daniel Zalla must determine whether the ballot integrity was ‘satisfactorily shown’ in accordance with his recount orders.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of State, Michael Adams, and the State Board of Elections certified the race yesterday ahead of the August 22nd deadline despite pending litigation and an outstanding court ruling."


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