November Meeting report + January Meeting details

November 18, 2022

Things to review before January’s meeting:

Teacher Resources:

One teacher at Wednesday’s meeting told us this was a resource used at her school. Ask your teacher or Principal if this is available for use in the classrooms. Some may not realize the pornographic and controversial sexual values flaunted within the site.

Some examples of the child-friendly, sexually-explicit, scholarly lessons include: “Abortion with Pills: What is it?,” “How the Boner Grows,” “Penis size: does it matter?,” and the highly scholastic tutorial- “Masturbation: Totally Normal.”

Check your local children's and young adult library for pedophilic, pornographic, and racist books with these links:

Browse books and read reviews and ratings:

Check school library shelves:

Examples of pornographic books in NKY school and county libraries

Boone County High School- Eleanor and Park

Campbell County High School- Flamer

Kenton County Library’s Young Adult section- L8R G8R

What can we do about it? KRS Chapter 531 Pornography

Oddly, the current law allows porn in school libraries because it’s been mislabeled as “educational.”

Unfortunately, Senator Southworth’s bill to remove the educational exemption that prohibits criminal penalties for distributing pornography in school libraries, was overlooked last session.

November Meeting

Thanks to Pastor Jon Schrock and The John Birch Society for a fiery and engaging presentation on the issues our parents, teachers, and students are facing in schools around the country.

We are so grateful for the teachers and school board representatives who attended our meeting Wednesday night. Several teachers spoke to us about legislation that could keep pornography out of Kentucky classrooms. One local teacher in attendence was shocked to learn of the obscene content incorporated into a sex-ed resource being used in her school. A clip played from this resource required a Boone County School Board member-elect to usher her child out of the meeting space because of the graphic content.

Special thank you to Moms For Liberty Campbell County Chapter Chair, Mirna Eads, several local elected officials who were present, and also those who sent a representative in their place. We look forward to working on these issues with their support.

Because of the high energy and people who recently joined us to help protect our most vulnerable and innocent population, we are excited to be planning an even bigger event in January, with Jon and other regional leaders contributing to the effort of many Kentuckians- details coming soon!

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Stay safe out there- we heard that the President of the Boone County Education Association is sending reincarnated burn witches and space lizards after all the parents!?