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KY Swamp Plots To Remove Senators From Caucus

December 31, 2022

We are hearing that state Senate insiders are plotting to add rules to allow legislators to be removed and excluded from their caucus. The caucus is composed of all Senators of a party and entitles them access to exclusive access meetings used to plan legislative action. Exclusion attempts to intentionally harm a legislator's ability to properly represent "THEIR CONSTITUENTS". This tactic has been used in other states to silence and harm pro-life and pro-gun legislators.

This is an alarming happening with many new liberty legislators taking office elected on promises to moving things forward on gun rights, medical freedom, school choice and election integrity where the already-sitting legislators and leadership opposed or killed such legislation in the past.

What can you do?

1. Email

Copy/paste email addresses to all State Senators and tell them to OPPOSE the change to Rule 44A, that We the People do not support giving the Swamp the ability to remove our elected representatives from the party’s caucus.

2. Attend

The rule change is set for Wednesday, Jan 4th, 2023 1p-6p, show up at the Capitol in the Senate chamber.

3. Call

(BEFORE Noon) on Tuesday, please call 800-372-7181 first thing Tuesday, Jan 3rd and ask to leave simple message for Senate Leadership and your Senator to "Oppose adding any rule that allows removal of a Senator from their caucus!"

Here is a link to the legislative archives to see this process unfold last year. The rules are the second vote after the intro mumbo jumbo. The senate didn't have much discussion last year. The House follows the same format but their debate went on and on so you can get a flavor for the whole thing in longer form that way.

Senate starting at 9:00 minute mark through 11:25:

House starting at 26:40 through 1:13:00:

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