Sal Santoro


Who voted to raise your taxes and protect wasteful spending? — The Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions (

2020 Regular Session:

House Bill 475


Voted YES


From Scott Hofstra's Scorecard:


Constitutional Amendment to authorize Cities, Counties, and Municipalities to invent new taxes and raise existing taxes: 

"Unlike the "Local Option Sales Tax Bill," the legislature floated several years ago, that would have allowed a city or county to impose a 2% sales tax to pay for a specific project with a sunset tax of the tax once the project was paid for, this bill provided cities, counties, and municipalities with a clean slate to invent new taxes and raise existing taxes, without a sunset provision, and without oversight of the legislature.

As you can imagine, the League of Cities, the Kentucky Association of Counties, the State and Local Chambers of Commerce, the Mayors and County Judge Executives, were salivating over this proposal.


Citizens were effective in killing this bill in 2020.

2021 Regular Session

House Bill 561

"The Gas Tax Bill"