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Senate District 24 Swamp

Unfortunately, there is a lot of deception involved in politics.  That is why it is of utmost importance that citizens TAKE ACTION, and research all of their candidates.


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Action Items & Sources




  • Videos exposing Chris Robinson and Shelley Funke Frommeyer supporting a LIBERAL AGENDA, and their pattern of DECEPTIVE MARKETING.

  • Please make sure to watch all videos, and do your own research.



Who is buying off all the politicians? 

​Shelley Funke Frommeyer,

The Liberal NKY Chamber of Commerce's Pick

  • Member of NKY Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

    • Supports legislation protecting employer rights to mandate vaccines

    • Against holding employers accountable for issues imposed by their own mandates

  • Lies about being anti-mandate


Watch: 2 Videos

Beholden to Special Interest Groups


Frommeyer is a Vice Chair on the Board of Directors for the NKY Chamber of Commerce. 


Learn more about the NKY Chamber of Commerce's focus on radical idealogy, special rights, and the push for inequality, on their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page.   


Read about the mandates without accountablity, the Chamber's Board of Directors is pushing for in Kentucky (below). Big surprise, NKY Vax Enforcer Garren Colvin, CEO of St. Elizabeth's Board of Tyrants, is also the Chair of the Chamber. 

NKY Chamber Priorities_edited.jpg

Why is the Chamber pushing for legislation to mandate vaccines? Visit their website, you can easily see all their Special Interest Partners!

Show Me Your Papers VS. Medical Privacy


While Frommeyer admits employers mandating a  vaccine is a bad decision, she firmly supports their right to do so, "as long as religious and other exemptions are being respected." 



In recent events, have we heard of locally owned, small businesses, mandating their employees to receive a vaccine?

No. It's the major corporations, with connections to Big Government and Special Interests, i.e. NKY Chamber of Commerce. 

How comfortable are you with being required to apply for a medical, religious, or other exemption, in order to feed your family? Take the survey here.


Photo Credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Archiwum Panstwowe w Krakowie

Will Frommeyer be bold enough to uphold the People's priorities?  Or will she be controlled by Swamp Leadership in Frankfort?


It doesn't look promising.




Let's look at her actions and contributors.



She has already blamed her campaign's deceptive marketing on her inexperience as a candidate, and the "campaign professionals" advising her. 

Below: An example of deceptive marketing/ lying about endorsements.

shelley nra lie.jpg


Frommeyer is recieving money from:

Will she be loyal to their special interest priorities?


Research for yourself here, and at the links above.

sheele chaamber 3.png

Chris Robinson

We're not really sure why he's running?

  • Military Haircut Requirements = Employer Vaccine Mandates

  • “I had a choice at one point in my life to choose to get vaccines, to eat a number of different pills that I still don’t know what they are, or to wear a mask. I did all those things, not because it so much protected me, but because it protected the people around me.”


Watch: 3 short Videos 


Chris Robinson REFUSED to participate in 2 candidate surveys conducted by Northern Kentucky's conservative and community-based oraganizations: Campbell County Republican Party and WTPKY.


He didn't feel the organization was worth his time, and that he is a "much better speaker than a writer."





Robinson did participate in  a written survey that he felt WAS worth his time, BUT.... instead of answering the questions honestly, HE LIED!


Thankfully, WTPKY realized he was against tax-dollars following our students, and against holding our school districts accountable, and the evidence was diligently reported to the Louisville-based School Choice PAC that distributed the candidate survey!

WATCH HERE: Robinson speaking just several weeks after LYING on his signed pledge to defend school choice (below).  Disturbingly enough, Robinson defends his position to prohibit parents from directing how their tax dollars are spent for public education, while bragging how he paid private tuition FOR HIS OWN CHILDREN! Wow Chris, share the wealth!

Robinson's deceptive survey responses submitted on 1/25/22:

Robinson survey answers.png


Robinson has demonstrated that deception is a mechanism he uses to achieve a desired result (support for his campaign).

Will he uphold the conservative values he "speaks" about, if he is to represent the citizens in Frankfort?

Learn about the other candidate for the Senate District 24