Tony Schmiade is very knowledgable of the "inner workings" of the Kenton County Fiscal Court, and Swamp. It appears he would be an asset for the Kenton County taxpayers.     


His opponent did not repond to WTPKY's Candidate Questionnaire.

***Rumor Alert: Kris Knochelmann is hoping to appoint his own SWAMPY pick to the Fiscal Court, and Schmiade's opponent, Jon Draud, is on his way to retirement. 

Op-Ed provided by Tony Schmiade


My name is Tony Schmiade and I decided to run for Kenton County Commissioner because there is too much government overreach.


First of all I live on a small farm in southern Kenton County with my wife. We raised 3 boys there and enjoy spending time with our grandkids teaching them how to garden and how to raise and harvest cattle.


I have work hard to provide for my family and I don’t need my county government standing there with a hand out wanting me to pay for a permit every time I do something on my land. It has gotten way out of control.


That leads me to the next thing that is out of control…property taxes. Our kids and grandkids will not have the opportunity to keep the family farm if something doesn’t change.


I feel a big problem is taxation without representation. Certain agencies and boards such as the library, health department, PDS receive property tax money and these are “appointed”positions not elected!

I also oppose medical mandates. Kenton County residents, business owners, employees, and students have a god-given right to make their own decisions. Our County officials have
failed to protect our livelihood by complying with State mandates.


When I get elected as your commissioner I will fight for fiscal responsibility and more transparency with our budget.There needs to be a better budget process and
decrease the 20 + million dollars in contingencies in our budget and put more dollars
back in Kenton County taxpayers' pockets.