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God. Family. Country.


WTPKY We The People KentuckyTM was founded in 2021.  WTPKY is a direct action group made up of regular citizens who love Kentucky and our country.


We are fed up with the establishment, RINOs, bureaucrats, and career politicians who aren't honoring their oath to uphold the Constitution and who aren't making decisions in the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE.


We stand up to any person or entity who is drunk with power or chooses to tread on our American values of freedom and individual rights. 

We favor PRINCIPLE over party.

We favor BRAVERY over fear.

We favor OUTCOMES over signals.

We favor LOGIC over absurdity.

We favor ACTION over words.

Our Mission

Citizens organized for direct action to defend and preserve liberty


Taking Kentucky & America Back: We The People In Charge

Our Goals

  • Increase awareness and support of WTPKY™

  • Maintain proactive involvement and representation in local politics

  • Educate the public on 2022 political and judicial candidates

  • Reject and confront COVID mandates

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2335 Buttermilk Crossing, Ste. 114 

Crescent Springs, KY 41017

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